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Our Mission Is To Help You Discover The Next Step To Take For Your Career Success. 

About the Career Coaching Program

Do you want to discover what you really want to do with your career and life?

In a series of one-on-one sessions our coach will help you gain clarity about the right path for you, develop a concrete plan to get there and walk with you.

Need Help With Your Career?

You will be able to reach your potential; understand yourself and other people, recognize your strengths and weakness, available opportunities and learn how to adapt to different environments hence taking full control of your career and life.

Who is the Career Coaching Program for?

The coaching program will help if you are:

  1. Seeking to know yourself better and the direction your career should take
  2. Looking to improve your career progression with your current organization i.e. promotion, leadership or earning more money
  3. Want to move into a new external role
  4. Feeling “stuck” career-wise and don’t know what the next step is
  5. Want to explore your career options
  6. Need to change your career direction
  7. Looking for a job and need to position/ package yourself for future opportunities
  8. Proactively manage career risks such as the threat of redundancy
  9. Realign your working life and personal priorities

How will the Career Coaching Program be of help to you?

Our career coach will help you:

  1. Achieve a long-term career vision.
  2. Address and overcome limiting beliefs
  3. Identify skill and/or experience gaps and elicit creative solutions for bridging those gaps.
  4. Learn communication strategies for productive, positive relationships with your peers, manager and direct reports.
  5. Develop effective negotiation and presentation skills.
  6. Identify what might be holding you back from moving forward in your career.
  7. Discover where to get jobs and introduce you to opportunities
  8. Avoid common careers pit falls that derail or stagnate your career.

Are you ready to take charge of your career?

Talk to us now and book a session by sending an email t please email to or  Remember to update your CV. 

Also, You may also walk in directly at Kathmandu Plaza-Y, 4th Floor, Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal for assistance. Tel: 01-4168658: 01-4168657


Client Feedback:

Thanks for the candid session. You helped me identify my strengths and the many ways i was sabotaging myself. I am now clear on the specific steps that i need to take to accomplish my goal.