Resume Writing & Interview Preparation Techniques

Resume Writing Techniques

CV and Interview Advice: This page is intended to give you guidance and advice on writing your CV and preparing for job interviews. This is not intended to be prescriptive, these are only suggestions. We will be happy to talk you through CV and job interview techniques in person - but these guidelines should help you start.

Preparing Your CV: It is important to give your CV some thought and spend some time on getting it right. A well-presented CV with clear details of your skills and experience can make all the difference in helping you land on the job that's the right fit. 

Structure: Your CV should be 2-3 pages in length and include the following sections.

  • Career Objective
  • Education and Qualifications
  • Employment History with details
  • Key Skills/Strengths
  • Personal Details
  • References (minimum 2)


  • Make sure your CV is easy to read and understand. Leave plenty of white space.
  • Use a standard font size such as Arial 10/Times New Roman 12.
  • Keep it simple.


  • Focus on information that is relevant to your own career goals.
  • Use concise, unambiguous sentences; avoid exaggerations and flowery words.
  • Do not make false claims 
  • Use bullet points where possible/applicable to highlight relevant skills and experiences
  • A brief mention of your accomplishments can add uniqueness to your CV and helps your personality shine through
  • Put your highest level/most recent education first.
  • Likewise, list the most recent job first and work backward chronologically in time.
  • Ensure all dates are accurate and mention dates in full e.g. MM/DD/YY OR DD/MM/YY (whichever format applicable)
  • If you are making a career change, stress what skills are transferable to support your new career objectives.
  • Explain any long career gaps (i.e. traveling, maternity leave, etc.)
  • Keep to the same tense.
  • Customize your CV for specific vacancies by focusing on previous experience or skills that are relevant to the role.

Note: Always proof-read your CV multiple times (at intervals) and/or ask someone to do it for you.

Professional Job Interview Preparation 

Feel confident. All you have to do is present things as they are, only more confidently.
Feel confident. All you have to do is present things as they are, only confidently. 


About Our Interview Coaching Services

As the saying goes, 'You never get a second chance to make a good first impression.' It's true in the interview session, within a limited time you are to make an impression and convince the interviewers why you are the best fit. Undoubtedly, good preparation is one of the keys to a successful interview. Whereas, lack of preparation can lower your chances even though you might be the most capable candidate in the batch. Interviewing, and presenting yourself well in an interview is a skill that highlights your attributes (personal as well as professional).

There is no ‘one particular’ or ‘the best way’ to prepare for a job interview. However, there are several important strategies you can utilize to present yourself professionally leaving as much a positive impression as possible.

You will learn what to do before your interview is scheduled, specific interviewing techniques such as mirroring and body language and you will have the opportunity to practice the most common interview questions and much more. Whether you are completely new to the job market, re-entering the workforce or looking to advance your career, this course will empower you with the knowledge and skills necessary to dazzle during your next interview. In addition, 

Get a free 'Effective Resume Writing Tips' to create an effective resume or improve the one you already have.

With our interview coaching service, you will become confident in any interview situation. The session will help you identify your strengths, improve on your presentation and communication skills and even guide you with frequently asked interview questions. This is a one-on-one session with a qualified and experienced HR consultant.

Ace Your Next Interview by Preparing With ss:

  • A session on body language: From the moment you step inside the room, even non-verbally interviewers note cues for their hiring decisions. Our interview coach will guide you through acceptable body language. Its likely many interviewees might be sending a wrong message unintentionally with your body language. Our job is to help you identify it and correct it (where applicable) and better it.

  • A conversation on the various interview styles. Our interview coach will take you through the different versions, explaining what to expect during the interview and how to handle it.

  • Thorough advice on expected interview questions. Based on your specific profession, industry and the type of job you want, we will help you tackle common interview questions with ease.

  • Discussion on your problem areas. When it comes to a job interview, everyone has their quacks. Our interview coach will talk at length on this and guide you on what you can do differently and effectively.

  • A closing Q&A session. We will answer any questions you might have about job interviews. We will also confirm and debunk any myth about job interviews. Also, suggest the best tips that will be ideal for your distinct situation and the profession/industry you are applying for. 

Master your interviewing skills from sister concern of Global Job, IMI Nepal

IMI (International Management Institute) of Nepal, is a renowned training institution, conducting and preparing various training programs inviting highly efficient trainers (in-house, local and international) who are renowned and respected in their field. We have coached almost all professionals at all levels from various sectors. 

International Management Institute, Kathmandu, Nepal


An Outcome

After the session, you will come out feeling more confident, with improved communication and presentation skills and with the knowledge and acknowledgment that you are now capable of effectively handling any job interview.


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