Temporary Staffing

We can provide you with temporary skilled staff


The advantage of using our temporary staffing is that:

  1. We recommend at several staff for you to pick one. 
  2. We issue the staff you’ve picked with a contract of employment.
  3. We register staff with necessary Government bodies as per agreement.
  4. We process their payroll and issue them with pay slips if required as per agreement.
  5. If the relationship is not working for whatever reason, we do a replacement

To find out the value we can add to your business, please email to priti@globaljob.com.np or info@globaljob.com.np  Tel: 01-4168658: 01-4168657. You may also walk in directly at Kathmandu Plaza-Y, 4th Floor, Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal for assistance.